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Hedy Lamarr Airstream

Welcome to the Hedy Lamarr Airstream! This cozy, vintage 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream is an experience you won't forget! Perfect for 1-2 people, it is a blast from the past, where pinup girls and shiny chrome were the norm. But Hedy is more than just a pretty face. As her name implies, she is the embodiment of a beautiful, smart woman, someone who laid the underpinnings for the bluetooth and wireless technology we use today. 

Unplug and unwind with Hedy. There is no tv, and the wifi can be spotty (face it, you are in a big Faraday cage), but there is a large, private deck complete with yoga mats, a hammock, vintage style rockers, and a cute bistro table and chairs.

It's glamping at its best!

Just Behind the Curtain...

A winding brick path will take you past the pond and over to the enclosed, private deck. Step past the curtain, and enter the 1950s (with many of the comforts of the present!) era of pinup girls and shiny Airstreams.


Make Art!

Inside of the Hedy Lamarr is a cute dinette table with a chalkboard finish. Here guests leave fantastic drawings and also messages. What will you leave for us? I can't wait to find out!


View from Back to Front

A view of the kitchenette and full-size bed. Guests have reported that the bed is very comfortable. And we have provided complimentary earplugs just in case city life becomes noisy. 


Only 50s Music Allowed

Beside the bed you will find a vintage-inspired CD and radio. Enjoy hits from the 1950s as you relax in the comfortable bed.


Private and Relaxing

Sit at the bistro table and chairs and enjoy the sounds of the pond. It can be hard to believe you are in the middle of a city, especially when the garden is in full bloom!


Playing Cards provided

Not everyone wants to lounge outside on the deck. In inclement weather, pull out the Airstream playing cards and enjoy a game of solitaire... or Go Fish...


View from Front to Back

Looking back from the bed and kitchenette area towards the back dinette and the bathroom which is on the right behind the curtain. The mini-fridge is hiding behind the Beware the Octopus sign!


Hedy's Kitchenette

While the stove is no longer functional, a 3-in-1 (coffeemaker, grill, & toaster oven) serves most of your needs and there is a BBQ grill outside if you feel like grilling. Everything is neatly labeled for your convenience.

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