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O...M...G... Guess What I Found?!

It all started, as it often does, with me opening up Facebook and looking at the Marketplace.

Now, I've been looking for another Airstream, or RV of suitable vintage, for several years. There were a couple of requirements:

  • It had to be close and able to be towed

  • It had to be intact (no major holes or dents to the body)

  • It had to have a decent roof

  • It had to be dirt cheap

That last one? That was a problem.

Until yesterday.

The price? $700. And I was ready to beat down the door, fence, or whatever to get to it.

We drove over to see it. It is a decrepit mess. I didn't give a damn. I could see it a year from now, fixed up, surrounded by plants, its awning stretched out and lawn chairs in place around the firepit. I could see it as clearly as I can the screen in front of me.

Bill of sale signed. Cash handed over. And it is all mine! I plan to make it a semi-permanent place in our yard. This will include an official boondock for it, and the Hedy Lamarr to hook up to instead of the current system of electrical and water tapping into the back of Cottage West. We will also create a better lighting system and pond electrical hookup for the yard and my husband's brew shed in the process.

Theme. I'm leaning towards Woodstock (which was held in August of 1969, and we bought this creature on the 1st of August), with bright, psychedelic colors and elements on the inside. Along with a stock tank bathtub/shower.

Think tie-dye curtains.

Woodstock posters

Maybe even some cool signs...

Right now, she doesn't look like much. And she needs a lot of work. A friend of ours posted a response to my FB post that showed pictures,

"Ok, so I totally get and saw the vision behind the airstream. And it's turned out awesome. I just don't see it with that heap of junk..."

All I can say to that is, prepare to be amazed!

I've tentatively named her The Mystery Machine and I've even found a cute poster to put near the dog bowls/pet-centric area that I'm sure to include...

As I work my way through my choices, I'm also strongly considering a straight retro vibe with wallpaper like this...

And possibly a couple of cool retro/vintage lights like this cute light over a dinette...

Ooh, and light switch and outlet covers...

The choices, the choices!

I'm operating on very little sleep because my brain is just spinning with ideas. That said, it is time to go out and work on our retaining wall project. We made wonderful progress yesterday and today I hope to build the wall up a bit.

I'm tentatively planning a roll-out of May 2023 (crossing fingers I can get it done sooner) for this unique short-term rental. Hold me to that, okay?!

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